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My Story

My name is Janine Bartice-Kushman and I have been a lover of all types of dance my entire life.  I've participated in some form of dance since I was two - when my mother enrolled her "busy" daughters in tap and ballet dance classes.  I LOVED it!  Then, in my early 20's I saw a troupe of belly dancers at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco near the Hall of Flowers.  I was mesmerized! Watching them perform changed my life.  They were SO beautiful and the choreography was like nothing I'd seen before.  I wanted to learn as much as I could and set out to find classes and workshops.  Since then I've studied, participated and performed at festivals, shows, cafe lounges, Renaissance and County Faires, dinner parties, weddings and Haflas.  It is so exciting being on stage and joining dance troupes expressing what we call the Divine Feminine!  I love shopping for beautiful dance accessories and costuming that enhances the beauty of the dance both physically and visually. I taught for over fifteen years and loved every minute ~ dance never really leaves your soul!  It's like an addiction; you must have it in your life!

At the Red Veil, you will learn belly dance basics and how to isolate your movements.  We will create some fun drills and learn simple and complex choreographies.  Then we'll learn how to integrate belly dance "accessories" such as beautiful veils, zills (finger cymbals) and swords!

Let's Dance!

201 Harding Blvd.

Roseville, CA  95678


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